DVP&R - Design, Verify, Plan and Report

Learn how to use powerful tools that identify and verify design flaws early in the design process.

Seminar Content

Defining and Understanding verification Versus Validation (ISO8402)
Design Validation Versus Process Validation (PPAP)
Establishing Design Control (ISO/QS-9000)
The Role of Design Review
Identifying Sources of Design Inputs
Fit, Function, Performance, Appearance and Safely DVP&R

Design and Development Planning and the DVP&R Timing Plan
Identifying Important Design Verification/Validation Tests

Quality Function Deployment
Design FMEA
Field Service and Warranty
Fault Tree Analysis
Production, Inspection and Testing and Control of Nonconforming Product
Surrogate Data
Government Requirements

Advanced Verification Methods
Accelerated Testing
Safety Factors and Derating
Characteristics Crucial to Safe and Proper Functioning

DVP&R: Verifying that the Outputs Satisfy the Input Requirements

Who Should Attend
Individuals at all levels who are involved in product assurance and test engineering

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